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I love helping others use technology at their advantage

You see, my passion for figuring out how technology can become people’s best tool and not a nightmare began in my own household, with the typical scenario of helping my dad make PowerPoint presentations. I always had a knack for PowerPoint since I was a kid, it was better than all the expensive video games for me. — Since then, I’ve been in a journey of personal growth learning new skills every day while helping out people as a technical support rep in my job and online on any blog I could find people who needed a little help… Now, you can find me here as well!

  • Do I really need to purchase extra Google Drive storage?

    July 29, 2019 by

    If you’re checking this out, you’ve probably hit your free storage limit and are wondering if it is worth it to pay for extra storage. The answer: It depends See, if you’re just above the limit and you don’t think you will be uploading 1 Terabyte of stuff anytime soon, there may be other alternatives.… Read more

  • Create your custom website with New Google Sites

    July 28, 2019 by

    Why New Google Sites? If you want a website that doesn’t add a lot of complexity by default, I would recommend to go for Google Sites. Although it doesn’t have a lot of advanced features and perks as paid website builders do, it is quick and easy to use. Those who often create work presentations… Read more

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